FD Ventures

Early-stage Investment

We’re on the hunt for ambitious founders with deep domain knowledge and a passion for their problem spaces.

Capital & Sweat

Customers, product, team, technology - founders have a lot to manage, but one area that can’t be compromised is growth. FDV provides both direct capital investment and go-to-market services to select projects who need support launching a new product. If you want help bringing your brainchild to life, and like what we have to offer, let’s talk about a deeper level of partnership.

Smart Money

Getting the right investors around early-stage ventures is critical to success. FDV is led by Carl Thompson, a prolific founder including the likes of TradeGecko, a Kiwi software success story that sold to Intuit in 2020. Carl and the Foundation team supplement their investments with real go-to-market experience to have your venture humming.

Pitch Us!

Got an idea you want to get going? We're always looking for new ventures to get involved in.

Starting a new project? Time for a refresh?

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