Case study

SM Property
Website design, Video production, Landing pages

SM Property specializes in helping home buyers & investors into affordable, new build property across New Zealand - however, their existing website was severely outdated and lacking in basic features to attract customers and with little information to back up his sales strategy. Foundation Digital was tasked with a complete rework of his website, with a particular focus on creating a modern site that works alongside Scott’s sales strategy to guide customers through the first steps of his sales funnel.

Website Design
“We jumped on board with Foundation Digital while in the midst of changing our business model and structure. After an initial chat with Carl & the team, they came to us with some brilliant ideas, took our semi scrambled vision and refined it to create a website that incorporated the multifaceted approach of our business while still remaining on topic for the clients.” - Scott Muirson


The challenge presented by Scott was twofold - we needed to deliver a modern and appealing website, whilst designing the website as the core of Scott’s sales funnel. Delivering the right information at the right moments and converting engaged users to hot leads through PipeDrive enabled forms.


We took Scott through our Discovery Workshop to define his target market, their needs and certain behaviours in order to inform our proven design-led process accurately from tone of voice to overall design direction. We then turned to implementing Scott’s sales strategy into his website, establishing how each facet of the website would guide customers through the first steps of his sales funnel.


We achieved Scott’s goals by designing a sleek, modern website that reflects Scott’s approach to business and appeals to his target market. With dedicated pages to guide customers through Scott’s sales funnel and video assets which enable Scott to talk face to face with prospective clients from the get-go. The end product was a modern website that works as the SM Property’s sales funnel foundation.

Web Design

Apart from an existing logo, we were given a blank slate to recreate Scott’s website - which allowed us to create something which truly represented Scott’s business. Our design ethos was a simple yet professional look which provided relevant, easily digestible information for prospective customers which took them on a journey through Scott’s business.

Each part of the website was designed to assist customers through Scott’s sales funnel - with dedicated pages for Testimonials, Resources, Developer Assistance and Scott’s Process.

Through our strategic planning in the earlier stages, we were able to deliver a website that both caters to Scott’s target audience, but also brings through Scott’s personality and business practices - allowing customers to get familiar with Scott through a medium which is often quite impersonal.

“The Foundation Digital team managed to harness our new business model and create a website that explained our business from the clients perspective." - Scott

Video Assets

We wanted Scott’s online presence to replicate Scott’s real life presence.
As websites can sometimes be a somewhat impersonal experience, we created video assets which allow Scott to talk to prospective clients face-to-face before they’ve even met.

This allows customers to further familiarise themselves with Scott, and breaks down initial barriers of anonymity in the initial stages of business.

Ongoing Work

Working with Scott is an ongoing project - as his business continues to develop we will be adding fresh landing pages for the relevant campaigns alongside continued web support. Allowing him to create ads and drive prospects to information rich landing pages specific to a single development.

“The team has always been on call should any changes need to be made or suggestions from them to further enhance our potential clients journey working alongside our digital marketing team.”

SM Statement

I would highly recommend getting the Foundation digital team onboard, before you even think you need them, I wish I got in touch with them earlier!”