Case study

Brand, Website design, App UX/UI, Marketing assets

Ingeneous is a New Zealand based gene testing company that uses gene data and scientific research to deliver clients easy-to-understand wellness reports. The company was established in 2020 and looked poised to break into the New Zealand market. Reports are delivered via a web-based app. Foundation Digital was brought on as a strategic partner to work through the app UX and UI. The scope of works then expanded into taking over their brand development, website, marketing assets, and strategy.

Website Design
"The Foundation Digital Team we been able to bring complex scientific messages to a broad audience in a crystal clear way that embodies the core elements of our brand and culture, (5pillars). The phenomenal pace at which we have been travelling has allowed us to beat out Billion dollar competitors for national pharmacy distribution to reach millions of New Zealanders only a few months after we first launched. A significant part of this success was due to how quickly and impressively Foundation Digital made INGENEOUS a retail-ready brand." - Dr Libby Lindsay


The challenge presented by Ingeneous was a large one - they needed a partner with whom they could work closely alongside to strategize in order to launch their product to market. The project's overall scope was to recreate their brand from the ground up, design a modern website that delivers complex scientific data in digestible, layman’s terms, and the UX and UI development of their web-based app, which delivered results and suggestions to customers. “Foundation helped us understand the scope of what needed to be done and then prioritise the workload so we could get to MVP as quickly as possible. They were exactly what we needed” - Dr Libby Lindsay, CEO


This project required multiple elements of both; design, business strategy and application building. We needed to work closely with Ingeneous to create priorities alongside a solid plan of attack. The process began with a Discovery Workshop to establish foundations such as key market targets, define target personas, buying behaviours, define competition etc. This enabled us to create a brand and strategy that aligns with the market and business goals. Once we had established a basic outline, we met frequently to continue developing strategies, and move closer to launching their product to market.


After working closely with the team at Ingeneous, we delivered on our goals across the board - With a complete rebrand, we presented a sleek, modern brand guide and website that breaks down highly complex scientific data into easily digestible information . Skimmable and approachable. We also developed and designed their packaging and marketing material to fit in with their overall brand. Finally, we worked with their developers to implement our app design and launch the Ingeneous web-app. This app allows users to see their results and gives handy tailored suggestions on how to increase their well-being. We are continuing to work alongside and support Ingeneous in both design and business strategy as the company grows.


Launching a new product to market is at the core of what we do. By pulling together over 30 years of marketing experience in Gideon, Carl and the team at Foundation Digital, we helped identify easy first customers and roll out a go-to-marketing strategy which was perfect for Ingeneous’ current stage of their development. We were innovative in our approach, finding and developing new marketing channels which now play key roles in the success of their ever growing business. 

There is no silver bullet for marketing strategy, and no concrete way of doing things. Strategy is an ever-evolving beast, and with different businesses come different challenges and opportunities. We’re super proud of the work we’ve achieved to date alongside the team at Ingeneous, and look forward to further developing the close relationship we’ve formed while undertaking this immense project. 


The design ethos for Ingeneous’ website was that it needed to be a modern website that makes a scientific product easy to understand and approachable for the customer. 

Ingeneous uses thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers, filtered by machine AI learning, to analyze an individual's genes to show how your body works. With tailored suggestions on how to improve one's well being. As such we needed a website design that could break down complex, scientific data into easily digested information for the customer. Our approach needed to take into account how we could both work with Ingeneous' sales strategy while delivering the right information in the right manner at the right time. The website now works as a major foundation of their sales funnel.

Ongoing Services

Since launching to market in early 2021, Ingeneous has continued to grow at a rapid pace, and we have been fortunate enough to be on this journey with them, every step of the way. 

We continue to work alongside the team in both business strategy and design - developing new strategy and implementing any updates and developments to their website, brand, and marketing.